Table Top grill Tamber - Blue

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  • Attractive, compact table grill for up to 1.5 hours of grilling pleasure
  • Non-stick effect thanks to the enamelled grill grate with drainage grooves for food liquids
  • Even grilling thanks to ventilation openings and a constant temperature
  • Real grill aroma with Feuerhand table grill charcoal in the right size and natural ignition coating
  • Tip-proof surface protection as the lid can be used as a coaster


Tamber is the ideal table grill for enjoyable moments for two

The Feuerhand Tamber is the ideal table grill for small dinners with your favorite person, where enjoyment and personal taste are in the foreground. While the handy table grill gently cooks your food, you can devote yourself entirely to the moment and enjoy the small, grilled delicacies directly at the table.

The Tamber lid serves as a heat-resistant coaster for your table during the grilling process and ensures that your table grill will not tip over. With the Feuerhand table grill charcoal with an all-natural ignition coating, the Tamber can be operated quickly and conveniently. After ignition, the Tamber is ready for use after 15-20 minutes. Even after grilling, the Tamber makes it easy for you, because its components can be easily removed and cleaned without any fuss. The enameled grill grate with anti-stick properties drains food liquids during grilling with the help of special drainage grooves.

Tip to finish off the evening:

After the Tamber lid has reliably protected your table from high temperatures, it serves as a perfectly fitting surface for the Baby Special 276 storm lantern, which also reliably brightens up the late evening hours. The Feuerhand Table Grill Tamber offers a deliberate and versatile grilling experience for up to 1.5 hours with only one portion of charcoal in a small, relaxed group. The Feuerhand table grill charcoal is available separately in a refill pack (1kg).

Technical data

Materials: steel, powder-coated

Diameter body: 20 cm

Diameter grill grate: 19.3 cm

Height with lid: 14 cm

Total weight (incl. lid): 2.1 kg

Scope of delivery

1 x Feuerhand Tamber cylindrical body

1 x grill grate (enameled)

1 x burner with heat protection (stainless steel)

1 x lid / coaster with logo (wood)

1 x starter pack Feuerhand table grill coal

1 x instruction manual

Which is the best table grill?

Watching the sunset with good friends over a nice glass of wine and enjoying some small dishes is a wonderful summer memory. That's why a table grill that runs on low-smoke coal and where no fat can drip onto the glowing coals is ideal. This way you can devote yourself to what really counts: shared enjoyment.

In order to determine the best table grill, you should pay attention to a few things:


  1. Low-smoke combustion
    With its functional secondary combustion principle, the Tamber is characterized by low-smoke combustion. The sophisticated grill grate directs liquid and fat into the edge of the table grill body so that it doesn't smoke. This not only relaxes the neighbors, but also you and your guests around your fireplace.
  2. Safe operation 
    The Tamber table grill has a firm stand thanks to its three feet. Good insulation and the wooden lid as a spacer to the table top are important components of your table grill, as they contribute to safe operation. 
  3. Easy to handle
    The simpler the setup, the faster your Tamber can be used. The Tamber is delivered already assembled and contains a starter pack of coal. Emptying leftover ash shouldn’t be a challenge either. The Feuerhand Tamber has a separately removable ash tray that stylishly fits into the overall design.
  4. Effective combustion
    The Feuerhand table grill charcoal is burned effectively thanks to the oxygen supply through the air holes in the body, burner and heat protection. In addition, the charcoal has a food-safe, natural and tasteless coating that allows the charcoal to be ignited without a grill lighter. With just 140g you can operate the Tamber for 1.5 hours. 
  5. Long-lasting raw material
    If you want your table grill to be long-lasting, the Feuerhand Tamber is exactly the right thing for you.
    The grill grate is made of enamelled steel and is easy to clean. The proven combination of steel and glass is scratch-resistant and insensitive.
    The body of the Tamber can be wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth.

To the instruction manual refer to page 5-7



Can you use the table grill indoors?

The Tamber must under no circumstances be used in closed rooms without sufficient ventilation - there is a risk of fire and suffocation.

The Tamber is a table grill for culinary delicacies outside on the terrace, in the allotment garden, on the jetty and on the balcony - and you enjoy the experience more outside anyway.


There are different types of table grills, some run on coal and others run on electricity.

The Tamber table grill is made of high-quality steel and stainless steel and an enamel grill grate. Thanks to the groove structure, food liquids are drained away, enabling low-smoke use and healthy outdoor roasting. The side openings and the double-walled structure guarantee a uniform air supply and thus optimal glowing of the table grill charcoal.

The stylishly designed Tamber includes a lid, which can be used as a coaster for the Baby Special 276 hurricane lantern after the barbecue.

Equipped with a starter set with table grill charcoal, you can start grilling straight awa


Which table grill is the best?

There are different types of table grills, most of which are powered by electricity. The advantage of table grills powered by charcoal is the roasting aromas that form when the coal is burned. Depending on the type of wood, the grilled food takes on completely new flavor nuances. The Feuerhand table grill charcoal recommended for the Tamber is made of oak and beech wood. These hardwoods are characterized by the fact that they have a very high calorific value. Hardwood charcoal burns more evenly and for longer than softwood charcoal because you don't have to add charcoal as often, which makes it easier for you to use the tamber. With a burning time of 1 to 1.5 hours and the instant ignition of the coals, you can grill without getting your hands dirty. With just 140 g per lighting process, you can start your Tamber without grill lighters or wood shavings, because the special ignition coating means you only need one match to light it. The coating is applied to the Feuerhand table grill charcoal using a patented process and is of natural origin, food-friendly and tasteless.

With the Tamber you grill comfortably to give yourself a unique, effortless and relaxing grilling experience.

How do you use a table grill?

The Feuerhand Tamber is a small table grill for charcoal that was designed exclusively for outdoor use. The tamber should not be covered either.

Thanks to its elegant design, the Tamber fits into the table decoration. It is placed on the specially made lid - this protects the table from heat radiation. Place the Tamber in a stable position and do not move it while it is in use.

Then pour the Feuerhand table grill charcoal into the tamber. To do this, remove the grill grate. Just 140 g from the 1kg refill pack is enough to grill on the balcony or terrace for 1 to 1.5 hours. Thanks to the wax-paraffin coating, you can easily ignite the table grill charcoal with a match or a stick lighter. With other charcoal, a grill lighter would normally be necessary, but the charcoal developed in Germany does not require this intermediate step. Another advantage is that the patented coating keeps your hands clean and you can grill within 15 - 20 minutes.

In the meantime, you can now cut colorful vegetables and prepare the different types of meat and arrange side dishes. The table is beautifully set and equipped with some Feuerhand Baby Special 276 lanterns for reliable lighting. Afterwards, while you have a nice chat, you place your specialties on the enamel grill grate. Thanks to the drainage grooves, no food liquid ends up in the coal fire.

Thanks to the efficient combustion of the Feuerhand table grill charcoal, the neighbors can also be pleased that low-smoke combustion takes place here. The holes in the burner, heat protection and body of the Tamber ensure that the coal is always supplied with oxygen. This means you can grill for up to 1.5 hours with a single charcoal load. Another advantage of the Tamber is that it is much more sustainable than a disposable grill. The Tamber is easy to transport thanks to its small pack size and only a small amount of coal, 140 g, is required. And no additional grill lighter is necessary! Thanks to the easy cleaning, the Tamber is quickly available again for the next round of grilling.

The burner and body are simply wiped out with a damp cloth. To do this, let the coals burn down and allow the entire table grill to cool down. You can then properly dispose of the cold ashes in the trash.

Finally, one of the Feuerhand Baby Special 276 lanterns can be placed in the lid of the Tamber, as it was developed to be multifunctional for this purpose. The evening can end in peace with a warming drink and the warm light of the hurricane lantern.



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