Transport Bag - HK350/HK500 & Top Reflector

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Petromax Transport Bag - HK350/HK500 & Top Reflector

Product description
The two-part bag is an ideal option to transport or stow the lamp and its shade. It is made of high-quality ripstop fibre that makes it particularly resistant. To guarantee a stable and safe stand, the bag wall is padded from the inside and reinforced from the outside. The bottom of the bag is reinforced by means of an integrated plastic sheet.
You can attach the lampshade bag with the lamp bag thanks to a click buckle situated on the top side. Besides a Velcro keeps both bags together and makes sure that the lampshade and the lamp can be safely carried. A small zipper pocket on the top of the lamp bag provides some space for accessories such as incandescent mantles or a polishing cloth. The front side of the lamp bag is embroidered with the traditional Petromax logo that usually rhymes with great quality. Therefore, this bag is a perfect and very elegant companion.

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 460 x 90 mm.

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