HK 500 High Pressure lamp - Brass

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Petromax lamp HK500
  • Robust and weather-resistant light
  • Unique high-intensity lighting technology in German manufacturing quality
  • Large selection of accessories
  • High light output of over 400 watts
  • Versatile applications as a stove or heater


    The Petromax HK500 is probably the most famous kerosene lamp in the world. With its impressive light output of over 400 watts, it combines unique strong light technology with an elegant, nostalgic design. Since its invention in 1910, the Petromax strong light lamp has illuminated every darkness and thus captivated people.

    Weather-resistant and reliable light
    With its bright light, the robust strong light lamp fascinates not only nostalgics, globetrotters and outdoor fans, but is also used by aid organizations and armed forces. Thanks to the highly heat-resistant borosilicate glass cylinder made by Schott, wind and weather cannot harm this reliable light source.

    Unique strong light technology in German manufacturing quality
    The outstanding light output of the Petromax lamp comes from a simple but fascinating principle: kerosene is fed under pressure into a carburetor, and the fuel that evaporates as a result reacts in a glow plug impregnated with luminous salts to produce a bright, warm light. To ensure that this principle functions perfectly, the lamp, which consists of over 200 individual parts, is still assembled by hand.

    The right accessories for everyone
    In addition to various reflectors, storage and transport bags, many other accessories can be found. For example, the Petromax lamp can be converted into a stove or heater. Thanks to this large selection of high-quality accessories, the lamp can be individually expanded and equipped.

    Scope of delivery

    1 x Petromax petroleum lamp HK500
    1 x funnel
    1 x spare parts set (5-piece)
    1 x spirit jug
    2 x glow mantle HK500
    1 x instruction manual

    To the instruction Manual  refer to page 12-20 for English


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