Storm lantern Baby Special 276 - Pink

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Storm lantern Baby Special 276

  • permanently unpowered light source, emergency and orientation lighting
  • Quality Made in Germany since 1893
  • 20 hours of light with just one tank of fuel
  • durable material & temperature-resistant glass
  • environmentally friendly packaging


The Baby Special 276 is the indispensable outdoor lighting

For over 125 years, the Baby Special 276 has been bringing reliable light into people's lives. In doing so, the powerless light source takes a sustainable approach and consumes its fuel sparingly and efficiently. The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is made of galvanized sheet steel, making it particularly resistant to corrosion. Colored models are additionally powder coated and available in many shades. With the Baby Special 276 you have a timeless outdoor lighting with a calm flame pattern - for moments of relaxation, surrounded by reliable light.

Choose your Baby Special 276 to match your balcony or patio design and set small light accents there. Or simply put together an entire Baby Special collection in your favorite colors for the garden party. Complete your Baby Special 276 with matching accessories & spare parts and fill your outdoor home with warm white lantern light.

With the Baby Special 276, you can enjoy your evening hours in a relaxed atmosphere or all to yourself - consistently and independent of electricity.

Technical data

Tank volume: 0.34 liters
Burn time: approx. 20 hour(s)
Material: galvanized steel, powder coated
Dimensions (W x H x D): 15 x 26.5 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 530 g

Scope of delivery

1 x Baby Special 276
1 x flat wick 12,5 mm


What is a kerosene lantern 

A kerosene lantern such as the Baby Special 276 is powered by liquid fuel (kerosene) and provides independent lighting without the need for a power source. It is also characterized by an open cold air system that ensures a continuous supply of oxygen to the flame.The cold air system in your hurricane lantern uses a chimney and side spars to direct fresh air to the flame. The rising warm air then ensures an even and calm flame pattern.

What is the best oil to use 

For the Baby Special 276, we recommend high-quality lamp oil that has a high fuel purity. 

How long does a baby special burn for 

The burn time of your Baby Special 276 storm lantern depends on the tank volume. With a tank filling of 300 ml, you can enjoy around 20 hours of uninterrupted lighting.

How do I set the wick for my hurricane lantern correctly 

To adjust the wick optimally, turn the handle on the burner to adjust the wick length. The ideal wick length is around 1.5 to 2 cm to ensure an even flame.

How do I extinguish the fame on my storm lantern 

Extinguishing the flame is very simple. There is a turning handle on the side of your burner that you can use to adjust the height of the wick. To extinguish the flame, simply turn the lantern wick carefully into the burner so that it is almost invisible.

What should I do If my storm lantern is leaking oil 

If your lantern is leaking oil, this may be due to overfilling the tank, movement when filled or temperature fluctuations. Always follow the filling instructions in the operating instructions and avoid excessive movement. If oil continues to leak, 

What is the bet way to store my lantern 

Store your Baby Special 276 hurricane lantern in a dry place and ideally use the corresponding transport bag to protect it from dust and dirt. Make sure to empty the tank after use to prevent oil from escaping.

How do I clean my lantern 

To clean the glass and your hurricane lantern, carefully remove it by pulling the lifting eye on the chimney upwards and folding out the glass. By removing the glass, you can clean it optimally. All other care instructions can be found in the operating instructions.

To the instruction Manual  refer to page 8-12 for English



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