New AUSTRAMAX Kerosene pressure oil lantern - Model 3/300 Made in Australia

Gasta Oil Lamps

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The only Australian pressure oil lamp made in Australia this lantern,burns brightly for about 11 hours,It is the same lantern that our farmers and households have used since WW 11.This lamp is ideal for your outdoor area and for camping.This is a proven lamp and designed for the Australian outdoors.

Solid construction. Its gleaming stainless steel tank not only looks impressive but it's rustproof (most mantle lanterns are just painted). Instead of stamped metal, its burner is made of cast brass. Plus, its heavy-duty heat shield will endure years of use.

Comes with filler cup and carrying handle.

Note: Use only K-1 clear kerosene with this lantern 


  • Uses kerosene (K-1 clear) - less expensive than more volatile fuels and safer too
  • Chrome plated brass with heavy-duty heat shield
  • Rustproof stainless steel tank
  • Cast brass burner head (no stamped metal)
  • Requires denatured alcohol when lighting
  • 11-3/4"H, base 5-1/2"OD, 3 lb
  •  Made in Australia
  • Manual Included 

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