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Aladdin has introduced the new Aladdin Maxbrite 500 burner in 2015 ,which continues the tradition of Improvements for the  .
The Aladdin Maxbrite model 500 is a refined improvement of the previous Aladdin model 23 .Aladdin goal was to maximise the light output.Model 23 burners suffer from random air leaks and those air leaks caused troublesome spikes in the flame.As as a result the model 23 burners prevented mantles from reaching their maximum brightness capabilities .The maxbrite model 500 burner eliminates the air leaks and spikes and allows mantles to reach their full brightness potential.
The new Aladdin maxbrite model 500 is paired with the new maxbrite chimney ( WHICH IS AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE AS WELL ) .The chimney shape modifies the airflow and will increase the mantles light output. 
The improved knob is a larger in diameter ,the wick adjusting is much easier and now made from a special alloy called Zamac (zinc,aluminium,magnesium,copper) the knob will stay cooler to touch because the Zamac is not as heat conductive as brass.
The Aladdin Maxbrite model 500 burner uses a slightly re - engineered wick raiser (N233) that moves the wick up and down more smoothly.Finite adjustments in the wick height are now possible.The new wick raiser is backwards compatible with the model 23 and 21 model burners when paired with the wick N230 wick) .Shortening of the wick adjustments shaft has improve  the wick changing process ,  Now the wick is less likely to get caught in the gear.The wick adjustment bushing is now attached in a way that does not deform the side of the burner .Model 23 burners are often seen with a dent around the bushing where too much pressure was applied from the outside during production.The new tooling produces a better product.The Maxbrite uses the same English made wick (N230) as the Aladdin model 23.
There are many Improvements throughout the Aladdin Maxbrite model 500 burner ,These Improvements provide metered air supply when needed in order to eliminate leaks that reduce performance which will result in Improved combustion and brilliant light. 
The gallery appears identical to the Heel- less gallery that was used on model 23 a burner.Internal clearances on the new gallery improve the air flow to the mantle.The new gallery is not fully backwards compatible due to the variations in diameter on model 23 burners .
The maxbrite new N106 flame spreaders have one notch cut out of the base .In addition the distribution and  size of the air holes gives improvement over earlier models and versions ,which had two notches on the base.
The new maxbrite model 500 outer wick tube has many changes to improve the air flow .
The Aladdin maxbrite burner base is now have four drains holes in the base of the burner ,the increased number of holes helps keep excess kerosene from puddling inside the burner .
                                     The Manual is attached 
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